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Taj Mahal

Sahara Desert

The 8th wonder of the world ..a symbol of love and an architectural spendour.

The largest desert in the world which lies in northern Africa and which spans an area of more than 9,065,000 sq km was once a fertile land some 8000 years ago.

Grand Canyon

Statue of Liberty

Natures artwork, this is an exceptionally deep, steep-walled canyon in northwestern Arizona, excavated by the Colorado River receives about four million visitors a year.

The most symbolic gesture by France to America of equality, fraternity and liberty is reflected in their gift of this "Liberty Enlightening the World".

Great Wall of China

Niagara Falls

This 2000 years old and 6000 kms long wall of China is a wonder and the only manmade structure that can be seen from Moon

The most visited falls in the world - Niagara Falls are even better viewed from the Horse Shoe crescent, Canadian side.

The Dead Sea

Ancient Wonders

A Dip...sorry A Float in the Dead Sea can cure any skin diseases and can restore one's body and soul to its original fervour.

--Garden of Babylon

--Colossus of Rhodes

--Pharos of Alexandria

--Temple of Artemis

--Statue of Zeus

--Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

--Pyramids of Egypt

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